Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ഒലിവീന്തല്‍ തലകളെടുത്തൂശാന്നാ ശിശു ബാലന്‍മാര്‍ ...


1. Infants and  - children sang Hosa - nna
    Praising Thee  Lord – with olive bra - nches .

                        O  Lord  !  Have mercy on us.. ..  †   

2. Cherubs  do   -  Carry Thee with trembling
     Rode Jeru - sa – lem on humble - colt.

                       O  Lord  !  Have mercy on us.. .. 

3. Upon rea - ching Jerusalem ci - ty
    Sweet praises were -  offered by in - fants..

                      O  Lord  !  Have mercy on us.. .. 

4. From mount o - live   till  Jeru-sa - lem
    Children  sang  Thee - Hosanna to - day

                     O  Lord !  Have mercy on us.. .. 

          Barekmor,  Subhaho… Men’ Olam...

5. Thy  humili - ty  gave us salva - tion
    Children, youth and -  Elders praising  - Thee.

                     O  Lord  !  Have mercy on us.. ..   

Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing - Bhayamotu Srappikal..

ഭയമൊടു  സ്രാപ്പികൾ  കാദീശാർക്കുന്നോൻ ....

Whom  Seraphs shout  Holy with trembling

Washed feet of  His disciples thi - s  day –

                                O Lord Have mercy on Us…

Whom  Cherubs carrying  with trembling

Bowed His head be-fore  His  disci - ples – O Lord.

Whom  Fiery -  Hosts cannot  look  u - pon

Washed feet o-f  His disciples  thi - s day – O Lord…

Only  b - egotten  Son   of  Fa- ther

Washed feet o-f  His disciples this day – O Lord…

Thou who  is served in heaven by Angels

Washed feet o-f His disciples this -  world  – O Lord…

Flaming  Fire – washed feet of disci - ples

Girding  shosha - ppa around His - waist  – O Lord…

Girded  sho – shappa  around His waist

And  washed feet  of -  all  His disci - ples – O Lord…

Poured  water -  in to  basin and shown

Act  of  humi – lity  to the -  world  – O Lord…

Thou  by  Thy trinity has shown us

Heavenly exa - mple of humili – ty – O Lord…

Cleansed  his di - sciples and made them to

Spread  Thy go-spel to the whole - world – O Lord…

          Barekmor..  Shubaho..  Men’ olam..

Praise to Thy Father who did send Son

To wash feet  of  -  all  His disci - ples – O Lord…

Feet Washing - Innaalil Sakaladheeshan..

ഇന്നാളിൽ സകലാധീശൻ ....

1.On this day- Lord and God- Girded shoshappa - on His waist

Upon seeing washing feet of  His disci - ples

Heaven and earth -  all  got immensely -  Astounded.


2.On this day - Lord and God - Poured water in to basin and

Humbled Himself - Tied shoshappa around his waist

And  washed feet of  Hi - s disciples.


3.On this day – Lord and God - Bless-ed water pou - red in basin

Tied shoshappa around his waist - And with great love

Delighted to sta-rt washing feet.


4.On this day - heavenly hosts – When they saw their God  Flaming fire

Washing feet of His handiwork- Carrying a basin in hand

Amazed and praised Thy - humility.

                         Barekmor..  Shubaho.. Men’Olam…..

5.Simon told - Do not wash me  Lord,  I am  too freightened now

Lord  Commanded,  if you do not obey me  now

You will not  be  my - disciple.

                               Sthoumen Kalos...Kurielaison.


Feet Washing - Eeraya Savithan...

ഈറയ  സേവിതനുടയോനെ  ...

1.Creator and Lord of all -  Who is served by -  Heavenly hosts
Came on earth by  compassion -  We do - Praise Thee Lord
                        You took – basin in Your hand
                        You washed – Feet of disciples
Praise to Thee who humbled  Thyself  to  redee - m  A-dam.

2.Lord who is adorning -  flaming  fire ou -ter garment
Girded  towel round his waist -  and washed di - sciples feet
                        Knelt in – Front of  Saint Peter
                        Asto – Nished all heavenly hosts
Praise to Thee who humbled  Thyself  to redee - m  A-dam.
                                    Barekmor,  Shubaho.. Men’ olam..

3.Lord and God  sanctified -  Holy Church with  igno - ble water
Holy church and her children – Praises Thee -  Constantly
                        You washed – Disciples on earth
                        Most high – You are blessed one
Praise to Thee who humbled  Thyself  to redee - m  A-dam.