Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Kabaradakkam - LOK MORIYO KORENAN

ജീവമയന്‍  മൃതലോകം പുക്കുല്‍ഘോഷിച്ചാന്‍.... 

1. Life giver went to the dead - and declared
Resurrection and redemption of - sins and debts
He broke the - doors of hades and it’s hinges
And effaced the - power and vict - ory of death
         One who has - resurrected death
         Blessed Thee - effaced sleep of death
Bless us Lord who - gave us life by Grace through Thy tomb.

               Barekmor, Shubaho… Men’ Olam….

2. David’s Son - who went in to hades today
King of Kings named - after David is prodding us
My soul has resurrected - from perdition
I am abused by wicked to jo - in the dead
               I will give - life and freedom to
               Countless souls - in hells slavery
Ashamed will be crucifiers – when I rise up.
                                          Morio rahem….

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