Sunday, December 26, 2010


വെള്ളിയതാം നാള്‍ ബന്ധിതനായ് - കടലിനെ മണലാല്‍ ...

1.On this Friday was locked up–One who locked up sea with  sand
God who made the Yoke of death– was crucified o- n a Tree.

2. On this Friday  Judge  Pilate – Wrote  verdict of  foolery
On this Friday they were judged– who had killed our Lord and God.

3.On this Friday Wicked  pierced– blessed heart using a Lance
Blood and water  shed from it –  Giving life to creatures all.

4.On this Friday wicked friend – Hastened and gave Thee for death
One who got eternal life –  Embraced death for selling Thee.

5. This Friday God  made Adam –  Keeper of  the Paradise
On This Friday nakedness– Embraced him when he ate fruit.

6. On this Friday God  redeemed – Adam back to Paradise
On this Friday  like a leaf – Sky covered Lord’s nakedness.

7. On this Friday man was told – you will die if you eat fruit
Though he disobeyed Thy word– Thou granted him mercy Lord.

8. On this Friday Adam lost – His son hood when he ate fruit
This Friday Lord of Adam – Descended death from the Cross.

9. On this Friday  Adam has  – Lost his grace by eating fruit
This Friday Lord died on cross– And brightened all Adam’s race.

10. On this Friday Adam left – Eden to wander in world
This Friday all of  mankind – Reconciled with Lord and God.

11. On this Friday Adam got  – Scared of his creator
On this Friday Lord and God  Waited dead in Tomb for him.

12. On this Friday all creatures – Saw Adam coming to them
On this Friday departed – Received  God as their savior.

13. This Friday Lord  judged  Adam – Death for  his iniquity
Friday Lord descended to - Hades to gave life to  dead.

14.On this Friday Adam drank-  From the Chalice of  serpant
This Friday Lord  for Adam -  Drank  the Chalice of Passion.

15. On this Friday Adam went – To work in  God’s paradise
This Friday Lord embraced death - Like a criminal on  the cross.

16. On this Friday Evil got –  Entry  in to creation
This Friday Lord ruled over – Departed like a stranger.

17. On this Friday Evil tried – To rule Adam in Eden
This Friday the righteous Son    Made dust  all evil-doers.

18. This Friday Lord as a dead -  Descended to  hades and
As a King without his crown – Exposed evil’s dwelling place.

19.On this Friday Adam lost– Graceful dwelling God gave him,
This Friday evil-doers – Stripped Lord of Glori - ous  vest.

20.On this Friday Disciples -  Saw that Sun removed it’s rays
On  Sunday  the  Eternal - Sun returned with life and  grace.

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