Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hosanna - Holy Communion Time-Praise to Thee

ഗര്‍ദ്ദഭ വാഹനനെ  നല്‍ കൊമ്പുകളേന്തി ....

1. Praise to Thee -  Messiah who  rode  on  meek colt
Children  praises Thee Lord  - with olive branches.

2. Brighten you Zeeon’s dau- ghter  your  King comes
Open Door – welcome Him your re – deemer.

3. In Heaven He is praised -  with His Father
Children  venerating  Him  - on  Earth  to – day.

4. One whose glory is praised by heave - nly hosts
Ascended on a meek donkey in - Zeeon.

5. Humble Church – His Bride with  warmest  of  love
Adored and  praised Him with  songs o - f  Glory.

6. Thou saved  Thy  children  e - ffacing da - rk  death
Brightness of   Brightness and -   peace Thee welcome.

7. One who  gives blessings to all  Hi - s children
Rich in mercy and grace - Thou be with us.

8. Thy Father who sent Thee – To save by Blood
Hosanna in Heights to -  Thy  Ble - ssed  Father.

9. Fragrance of  flower and  - Beloved  Lord  -  God
Thou  gives  Fragrance of Life  -   Sustai - ns us  All.

10. Lightening Shining light -  Spreading from Thee
It gives us light  for  life – And re - surrection.

11. Ashamed is Devil who pushed us i-n da - rkness
I am   en - lightend by  heavenly  bri - ghtness.

12. I have confessed  to Thy  - Heavenly - mysteries
Efface  my  sins  by  Thy  mercy  -  Lord God.


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