Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kyamtha / Easter - Holy Qurbana - Kaasoliki - Magnificently tomb opened

വിസ്മയ സഹിതം കബറ്  പൊളിഞ്ഞു   നരകം വിലപിച്ചൂ ...

1. Magnificently  tomb opened – Devil and hell lamented
Weeping women all went there – And they asked
Did the Jews have remove the - Body of our Lord and God
Mighty one’s resurrection – Won – de - rous.

2. Illuminated Angels group – Informed the - women there
Christ is no longer here – Re – surre – cted
Hasten and give good news that – He has gone to Galalee
There will see the wonders of – Re - surrection.

3. When those ladies heard that – Good news of their Master
They hastened to Diciples – And told them
Christ had indeed destroyed death–Delivered all under bondage
Rush to see your Lord and God – Wi – thout delay.

4. They all met in Galalee – All eleven disciples
They too saw the Bridegroom there – Re – surrected
They praised Him in Mount Olive – Lord ascended to Father
And sent them the counselor – Ho - ly Ghost.

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