Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kyamtha / Easter - Kolo - Peace unto all nearest...

ശ്ലോമ്മോ ശ്ലോമ്മോ സവിധഗരെ ദൂരസ്ഥന്മാരെ ....

1. Peace un to you all nearest - and lives far a - way
Messiah rose from Tomb U – nite all of you scattered
        Apostle Thomas – Saw it and be – lieved
        Simon got strong - Sorrow did vanish
Caipha bowed his head and - Crying all his men
Praising Thee with gladness M–ary, Church and her Friends.
Haalleluyah.. Vu .. Haalleluyah

2. Upon resurre - ction Lord - Ordered Disciples
Dearly belo - ved peace stay with all of you
       Sadness, sorrow – Completely va - nished
       Gave them peace and – Full satisfaction
Ordered that My peace be with - You for all the times
My peace will save you from e - vil all day and night
Haalleluyah ..Vu.. Haalleluyah ..

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