Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing Hymn - Eritheeyaayoen..

എരിതീയായോൻ തല താഴ്ത്തീ ....

Flaming fire has bowed his head – To wa-sh disciples
Astonished angel Gabriel – And hi-s whole  army
            Michael too was – Trembled seeing it
            Heavenly hosts were – Terrified and aghast
Earthly ones feet are being  - Washed  in vessel of fire
Commanded  to do the same – What I did to you
                Halleluiah … Praise  Thy  humility.

Washed disciples starting from – Young - er to older
Chief of disciples Simon – Has to - ld  Lord and God
            Do not  Thou wash – My feet O  my Lord
            Lord  Commanded    You will not take part
In my work in this world  if -  You  keep opposing
Freightened Simon plead to Lord - Wash my  whole body
                 Halleluiah.. So that I be Yours..

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