Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing - Innaalil Sakaladheeshan..

ഇന്നാളിൽ സകലാധീശൻ ....

1.On this day- Lord and God- Girded shoshappa - on His waist

Upon seeing washing feet of  His disci - ples

Heaven and earth -  all  got immensely -  Astounded.


2.On this day - Lord and God - Poured water in to basin and

Humbled Himself - Tied shoshappa around his waist

And  washed feet of  Hi - s disciples.


3.On this day – Lord and God - Bless-ed water pou - red in basin

Tied shoshappa around his waist - And with great love

Delighted to sta-rt washing feet.


4.On this day - heavenly hosts – When they saw their God  Flaming fire

Washing feet of His handiwork- Carrying a basin in hand

Amazed and praised Thy - humility.

                         Barekmor..  Shubaho.. Men’Olam…..

5.Simon told - Do not wash me  Lord,  I am  too freightened now

Lord  Commanded,  if you do not obey me  now

You will not  be  my - disciple.

                               Sthoumen Kalos...Kurielaison.


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