Friday, March 15, 2013

Vade Delmino - Procession Song

കർത്താവിനെ  വന്ദിച്ചീടാം ....
Let us venerate Lord and God - His mercy  on us always.

Israel exhorting us - House of Aaron too entreats

Since Yah is always with me - I have no distress any more.

I do not depend on men - Rest in Yah is more precious

Door to Yah is Cross itself - Righteous will enter through Cross

Open to me righteous door - Let me enter through that door

Let me glori – fy my Lord - His mercy  is for ever.

O Lord  Jesus, source of  life - Door of truth is You only

Let Church enter through that door - May reach haven of salvation

Debts and burdens may absolve - Grant us remission for our sins

Hear O ! all who are fasting - Bridegroom  is  arriving soon

Be prepared  to go with him - To  harbor of  resurrection

Enter  His bridal chambers - And  rejoice et – ern – ally…


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