Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 3rd Hour - Eniyono-Jews did riot against Lord..

പ്രതിവാദത്താല്‍ യൂദന്മാര്‍ ബഹളം കൂട്ടീട്ടുടയോനെ ...

1. Jews did riot against Lord
Lead  creator to  the Cross
And crucified Him to-day.

2. Lord stood at the Tribunal
Despised by those wicked men
Saved creations by – Thy -  death.

3. Against God who delivered them
From their sufferings in Egypt
Prostitute shoute-d for Cross.

4. Wicked people took Lord  to
Tribunal and mocked and slapped
Condemned  Thee for de-ath  on Cross.

5. On Lord’s Holy Hands and feet
Which molded  first Man Adam
Evil doers hamm-ered nails ..  Barekmor
Shubaho…    Men’Olam …….

6. Took manhood on His own will
Came to this world to save us
Blessed is Thy mercy Lord.
Stoumen kalos .... Kurielaison

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