Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 3rd Hour - Kolo - LordWho Has created world..

ജഗതീ ശില്പി പരാദ്യസുതന്‍ വെള്ളിദിനേ മൂന്നാം...

Lord who has created world -  Fathers first  of Born
Started from Zion for death  - On this third hour
         Savior who is – Redeeming the world
  On Golgotha – On a Tree the Cross
Carried  cross on His shoulder- To be killed today
Praise to Thee Son of God who - Redee-med world by death
Halleluyah – Vu -  Hallaluyah … Barekmor.

Shubaho …  Men’Olam …  Halleluyah..

On the cross made of a Tree -   Light o-f  all  the world
Holy Church saw  righteous Sun - Who bri-ghtens  the world
          Nails on his hands -  Lance  wound on His side
          Upo-n seeing - His sufferings on cross
Holy Church came  to Thy  pre - sence  a - nd uttering
We and  all Thy  children are kneeling -  at Thy Cross
Halleluyah –  For Thy  death on Cross. Barekmor.

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