Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 3rd Hour - KUMPAULOS

സകലം മോചിച്ച കുഞ്ഞാടതി  ധന്യന്‍ ..

Blessed Lamb of God – Absolver of   sins
Praise to  Thee for  Re-deeming us by Blood.

1. Blessed sacrifice – Tender and Holy
Wicked came to see – Suffering on the  cross
Prophess O Messiah – Who has beaten you
Thus they uttered and  - abused  on Cross
            Thou suffered  Passion – with grace and patience
            Thou was not angry – In spite of all - the - curses
Wicked came to see -  suffering of the Lamb
As  a  festival  -  Rejoiced  around cross.

2. Women of Jerusa - lem saw their Lord is
Carrying His cross - on His shoulders
They started grieving  - and  crying  this day
For their Lord  and sta -  rted asking thus :
            Where are you taking -  our Lord and God
            Savior why you chose -  to carry this – cross – today.
They started singing - David’s song with Lyre
And they started wee - ping and wailing.

3. When they saw their Lord – Carrying his cross
Women started wee - ping and wailing
He turned to them and -  Told them descretely
Why you  are weeping and  wailing for – me - today
            You weep and wail for – Jerusalem and  sons
            Cry loud and tell them – I am the cre – a - tor of all
Jerusalem, your destruction  is – On hand
Your children will di - sperse around in sla - very.

4. Lord and God  who  Su -  stains  all creations
Ended  up in Gol - gotha  on Friday
Thou  who created  - Earth and holds its ends
Was brought to Golgotha -  by  wicked men
        They fixed  a cross and  - Hung him over it
        Evil men nailed his -hands and feet on – to –the cross.
They  stripped  Him of  his – Vestements and  abused
And hanged him on cross – naked today.

5. Lord of all world was – Crucified on Cross
Thy hands and legs were -  nailed on the Cross
They wrote upon him – he is the king and
Messiah and  savior of  all  the  Isra-elites
        Though they did not like – they bowed and mocked him
        As their King and they  - gave him false God-ly respect
Sinners and wicked - were blinded by rage
Thy   Holy Church observed Thy rightousness.

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