Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 3rd Hour - VOILEK SEHIYOON

സീയോനെ മശിഹായെ ക്രൂശിച്ചോളേ ......

Woe to you  Zi-on  -  who cru-ci-fied Christ
How pity you  extolled au-spicious  Church

1. Innocent was questioned  at tribunal
Silently He accepted your beatings
            You told Judge – He had abused you
            Son of Jo-seph  be hanged on Cross
You refused your  Healer  – Creations all trembled.

2. Legion tremble - d when   His Lord was beaten
When he saw his Lord was be-ing abused
            Spread  his  wings – To burn all wicked
            Lords word  had -  Pacified  Angels
Lord rece-ived abuses -  Fiery men contended.

3. Pilate Judge you –  Review  your  book of law
No righteous one – Was ever put to death
            Eye for eye – Is your Jewish Law
            Jesus gave eye to – Your  blind  men
Be kind to give Justice  – Why is this injustice ?

4. Jesus raised up  -  dead amongst your People
How could you treat - him as a Criminal
            Lazerus -   Son of the widow
            Come forward - Daughter of  the  King
All of you who were raised -  Reject these wicked men.

5. One who sinned was – Adam the perfect made
Lord stood at tri - bunal  for his servant
            He took beat -  for my redemption
            Thy servants - All  are free at  last
To save all  wicked men  – Righteous Lord met Passion.

6. Cru-cifiers, you are she-dding pure blood
Be trembled that your  city will  not stay
            Strongest Fort –  That of Jerusalem’s
            Existence - will come to an end
His Cross will destroy you – Since you judged him wrongly.

7. You show  your  Lord  -  Justice and respect now
Righteous one was  - caught like a thief  at night
            Cain’s sons -   All  those wicked  men
            Thirsted for - blood of Holy Lamb
Lord of Justice Thyself  - gave to those wicked men.

8. O Lord these tongues  - Thy saved for Thy Kingdom
Mouth  and  Body  extol   Thy -   graciousness
            Praise to Thee -  Who took birth for us
            Praise to Thee -  Went on   Cross for us
Praise to Thee who rose up – Saved us and  Holy Church.

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