Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 3rd Hour - SUGEESO

ഘാതക ധിക്കാരിയെ വെന്നോന്‍ - മശിഹാ ധന്യന്‍ ....

1. Messiah won those wicked men – Praise to Thee for sacrifice
Shown Zion  Thy   Blessed love -  Assembled all faithful ones.

2.Killers and  all sons of snakes – Came together on Pesaha day
Made a conspi-racy  on  -  One who gave them peace and joy.

3. Raised a fire of hate and rage  – Promoted  with more of  hate
Minds were changed against Savior - Cheated their Lord on today.

4.When the Son was hanged on Cross–In the day light and naked
Women of Jerusalem  heaed - Weeping and wailing for  Him.

5. Upon seeing wicked men – Abusing the  Son of God
Sun hid it’s  light,  Moon became -  darkened like blood on today.

6.When they saw Thy pierced hands–Women started  crying and
They  went to a mourn house with – Sea of tears in their  eyes.

7.They offered you bitter gall–Still their hands were not weakened
To Thy quenching thirst of all -They gave again gall and vineager.

8. Disciples were agonized – Mother and Joseph begged for life
Priests were humili - ating Thee - beating  with a stick in hate.

9. They lifted  you  up on  Cross –  Lord uttered to  His father
I surrender my soul  in – To My  Father’s  Holy  hand.

10.Thy body was torn with Lance -  Temple viel was torn in two
Departed came from their tombs– Admonished those wicked men.

11. Blood  thirsties asked Pilate to – Order sentries at Thy Tomb
In order to protect it -  As they were scared of Thee.

12. Took passion upon thyself – Word and fathers only son.
Father took revenge upon – Blood of Lord’s begotten  Son.

13. Wicked showered abuses – On Thy blessed body Lord
Lord’s  anger has destroyed the – Town in it’s entieriety.

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