Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 6th Hour - Bothedu Haaso

ഞങ്ങള്‍ക്കായ് നീ - യേറ്റൊരു പീഡാ‍ താഴ്ച്ചകളേറ്റം ധന്യം നാഥാ !!

Bless-ed be Thy - humility – L-o-rd !
Thou who – endu-red Passions for us.

1. Sons o-f darkness – insane of souls
Cruci-fied the Lamb of God on,
            Tree - the - Cross and on earth today,
In place of Thy  -  Ample Blessings
Gave bitter wine to Thee to drink.

2.Seeing - sad st-ory in Yee-hood,
Mountains of rocks broken a-part,
            On - Thy hand which made man Adam,
Nails were driven by the Jews and,
Never they have repented it.

3. Son of God u-ttered on the Cross,
Sons of darkness ran in fe-ar,
            E-vil spirits were sore afraid,
When his crown   had  fallen a-part,
Sinners’ leader Satan cried out.

Spare u-s  O Lord from  Thy  judgment,
When Thou summons  those who judged Thee.
……Morio   rahem…


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