Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 6th Hour - Kolo

ദൈവം സ്കീപ്പാ മേല്‍ തൂങ്ങീ - സൃഷ്ടികളതി സങ്കടമാര്‍ന്നു ....

Lo-rd was – Hanging on a cross–Crea–tions were a-ll saddened
A–ll of Angels,Heavenly Hosts  remained - in fear a-nd trembling
In tribunal of Pilate
When the Sun saw  - His Lord  bowing down
Sun -  hid it’s rays looking at  - His lord was being  - abused
When the clay started judging his Lord  unjustly
Who sustains  all creations
Oceans and all  Ea – rth’s  surface -  re – mained trembled.
                     Barekmor, Shubaho … Men’ Olam….

Faith of  - the thief on  right  was strong and -  exempla – ra - ry
While bea- ring pain of nails on his own flesh and a-ll his feet
He  - prayed  Lord for redemption -  of all o - f hi - s sins.
Simon Peter denied Lord - and sworn  he does not  know him.
John and all other Apostles -  Left Lord and all of them fled
Whe - reas -  the thief on  right  prayed
Lo-rd you remember me  when -  you  in your  king - dom.


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