Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 6th Hour - KUMPAULOS

ബലികളെ നീക്കീടും തിരുബലി ധന്യം താന്‍ .....

Praise to Thee  For Thy – Blessed Sacrifice
Thy sacrifice has  - effaced  all sacri-fices

1. On this Friday was -  hanged on to the  Cross
Lord who  was always  - On Chariot  of fire
Thy hands and legs were -  nailed on to the Cross
As hard as they could  – Without any  - com-passion
            By Thy act carries  - earth and constellations
            By  Thy  own will  took - Passion  upon  Thy-se-lf..
One who is  illu - mined   than Heavenly Hosts
Was today hanged  na - ked on to the Cross.

2. On this Friday the - women weeped and wailed
All creations too  - cried upon  Lord’s  pain
They  made a mourn house - for  their favoured son
And  cried for their  first - born son from hea - venly  God
         Sun denied its light –  Earth’s rocks  were broken
         Dead arose from Tombs –  All of them Glori-fed  Lo-rd
Whereas the Cruci- fiers  were blinded
And did not see the - magnificence of their Lord.

3. As prophe-sied in the  - Holy book of Lord
This Friday  darkness – fell upon all world
There were cry for  the – Son of God who was
Killed on the Cross  by  - Wicked men who were  - in - rage
       Creations prayed for -  punishing the wicked
       Their happiness soon - turned in to grief a-nd  sorrow
When they left their feast -  After killing  Lord
All  their happiness  - turned  in to  grief a - nd sorrow.

4. This Friday Lord called  - Adam and asked him
Where are you first born -  in My Paradise ?
This Friday Lord and - God uttered on Cross
My Lord and My God – Why you have forsa - ken me
        On Friday serpent -  cheated  man Adam
        His sins were effaced -by Lord on this-same Fri-day
Sun denied its light -  On this Friday to
Evil men who were - blinded by rage and anger.

5.Tree on which Lord  was  - Hung today cried out
Weeping and wailing  -  said   I am sinner
How pity me  I  - did harm to my Lord
I did bad to my  - Lord who did save me
            He gave me  Rain and  - Snow and Light and food
            In return  I  gave  - myself to Hang him up-on
Curse is on you  Jews    Killers of  your LOrd
Groom and Lord God of –  All the creations.

6. Waited there and grieved – David’s own daughter
Seeing her  lone son -  Hanged on to the cross
Weeping and wailing – She did cry a lot
Tears were flowing – From  Mother Mary- a - lot
            She went closer to – Cross with heavy heart
            And  whispered  to Son - who was bleeding from - his - wounds
She touched his wounds with – plam of her hand and
Started weeping and  - wailing again for -  her -  son.

7.  Pure and virgin – Mother started grieving
For her son and her – Only beloved one
Why did you choose cross  - My  Son beloved
Jesus  my dear – why  you  o - pted for pa - ssion
            Illumined brightness – Full of Grace, glory
            Who  had the valor  - to kill you this – way – on cross
My  begotten son – Who did   confine you
Why did you  hung na- ked on cross this day.

8.Her cry was sad and – Ever sorrowful
That brought sadness to –  All assembled there
Every one bowed their - head and cried like a
Dove which  had  lost  her -  younger dove ones.
       They  went  near cross  - and saw  lord bleeding
       From his lance wounds and-All embraced–him–on-the cross
Lamented, whispered  - to him with sadness
Weeping and wailing  - continued there.

9.O My Lord ask Sun - to hide his rays now
My begotten son – Let me come closer
Let there be darkness – On your order son
Let me  embrace the- cross on which you-are- hanged  - on
            My son let me kiss  - your  feet and wounds now
            My beloved son- let me get the fragra-nce - of  - you
Let  the wicked ones  - get their eyes blinded
In order for them  - not see your nakedness.

10.First among angels  -  and  the Fiery one
Gabriel where is  - your burning anger ?
Why are you so quiet -  when your Lord is  hanged
Your Lord is being  - abused by wicked – to - day
         O Michael  and  - archangels all see
         Evil men stabbed  your-lord with a lance-on-his - side
Use your  sword which has -   killed tens of thousand
Destroy  those cruci – fiers who did this.

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