Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 6th Hour - VOILEK SEHIYOON

സീയോനെ മശിഹായെ ക്രൂശിച്ചോളേ ......

Woe to you  Zi-on  -  who cru-ci-fied Christ
How pity you  extolled au-spicious  Church

1. Illumined  Lord - went on the cross today
Crucifiers  shouted  for  Jesus’s death
            Destructive -  wolves surrounded the
            Holy Lamb - and tore  His body
On Thy will took pain to - redeem all By Thy cross.

2. Disciples the - brighter ones ran in haste
Darkness today - caught the Lord of all lights
            Out of Rage -  Caiaphah himself
            Hanaan and  - Lords own Disciple
Judah too involved in - crucifying the Lord

3. Tree said today - what did I do wrong to
Crucify my Lord  - on me  on this Friday
            He gave me - rain and light and food
            I did wrong -  taking him on me
Pity you !!  Jews who did - crucify Christ on me.

4. O !! Lord My son -  who did kill you on cross
O heavenly Son  - why wicked hating you
            You did all - good to every one
            Healed their sick -  helped their poor ones
Is mocking on the cross - your reward for all these ?

5. What wrong did He  - do to you  Jerusalem !
My son did help - all of your precious sons
            He gave sight - to blind by his spit
            Made pure - lepors by His Word
Your  children beat Him up - in return for those help.

6. O ! My  Lord Son - How do I mourn today
Without my friends - and all those good people
            Killers are -  encircling  your cross
            Wicked men - longing for your death
Give strength to blind nature - to mourn on your passion.

7. Is it silence - where pure blood is shed
Crucifiers  - are not mournful on death
            Rocks and mou - ntains you all utter
            You all scold - crucifiers now
Lord has been stripped of clothes - Creations you all shout.

8. O ! You wake up -  Father’s all  creations
Lord’s creations -  you mourn  for death of  Son
            Start mouring -  for Lord’s only son
            Start  scolding - crucifiers who
Rejected  His Gace and -  His all magnificence.

9.You greater ones – all  of you Heavenly Hosts
Why not angry - seeing Sons nakedness
            Sodom did - abuse two of you
            It  met the  -  wrath of  fire by God
Hevenly hosts act right  now – Lord is  being abused.

10.Those criminals who -  encircles Lords cross  now
O heavenly hosts - burn them  by sending fire
            On those who - hanged our Savior Lord
            Carry fire  - on your Holy wings
Heavenly ones !  Did you  pa - rdon all those evil men ?

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