Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 9th Hour Eniyono

സന്ദര്ശിപ്പാനാഗതനാം  സല്സുതനെ ദ്രോഹികളൊപ്പം ...

1. Son who came for redemption
Was treated as criminal
Wicked hanged him - on the cross.

2. When Lord was feeling thirsty
They gave Bitter wine and gall
Prophesy was ful - filled this way.

3. As king of kings David said
They cast lot for his vestments
And they shared all His Clothes.

4. For faithfull children of Church
Cross as the arms of refuge
Blessed is Lord who made it.

5. May cross be the refuge to
Faithful and one Holy Church
From the army of wicked.

6.Cross has saved the Holy Church
Cross is proecting the Church
Because church has embraced it.
SthoumenKalos Kurielaison…..

Barekmor, Shubaho…. Men’ Olam….

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