Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 9th Hour Kolo - Kukkoyo

മൃതിയെ രചിച്ചാന്‍ ദേവേശന്‍ സ്ലീബാ മേലേറി ..

Blessed Lord the creator asce - nded on Cross
Went in to sheol hell and - broke it’s fortresses
          Doors were broken – and also hinges
          To give life to – Adam who lost grace
Ragained Adam’s race the glory - by resurrection
And the grace to move from their - Tomb to paradise
Halleluyah … He is way and truth, Barekmor,

Shubaho… Men’ Olam…Halleluyah…

Lord of all creations and - Fathers son on cross
Bowed his head and submitted - soul at Fathers hand
           Stones were broken – Tombs also opened
           All creations – caught in by surprise
Side was opened by a Lance - by the wicked Jews
Blood and water was drenched for - all world’s redemption.
Halleluyah – Blessed Thy mercy … Barekmor.

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