Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 9th Hour - KULAKUN AAMME

ഭൂജാതികളേ  വന്നെത്തി,   തസ്കരനാദം ശ്രദ്ധിപ്പീന്‍ ....

1.Ye all mankind come and listen-To voice o-f a pair of thieves,
Listen to their arguments - Find yourself who is right.

2.Lord is on a Cross in middle - As a Judge who favours none
Like a balanced weighing scale -Weighing their words corr-ectly.

3.One thief told his Lord and God -Remember me when you come
Let me see your mercy Lord - In your Eternal Kingdom.

4.Thief on left on hearing this -Asked a question to his friend,
If he is the King of Kings - Why is he on Cross with us.

5.My friend I su-rrendered to- Blood of this one righteous King,
Because of that I gained life - Cross is sep-arating us.

6.Don’t you see him bearing nails - Like us and su-ffering lot,
If he could grant us Kingdom - Let him be saved himself first.

7.With God’s words of Heaven’s key - I will earn the Pa-ra-dise,
You got it wrong do not try - To misguide me in his name.

8. He is also on the Cross - He is suffering more than us,
If He is the Lord and King- Let Legion come to remove curse.

9. Jesus on earth on a Tree - In heaven on Chariot o-f fire,
Creations re-ceived their King - Trembled at Cru-cifixion.

10.Watch your Master with more care- Don’t you see the mark of whip,
You are glori-fying him - Who will trust you on your words.

11.None could take this earthly thorn- Other than Jesus, King and Lord,
Who removed the thorn of curse - And redeemed Adam and race.

12.Let the one on Cross with us- Give you promised Para-dise,
How could He take you Eden - Which you have not seen yet friend.

13. This death has wiped all of the - Prominence of Sheol hell,
His voice destroyed all its power - His entrance will make it dust.

14.One who suffered torture pain- Drank bitter wine and was stabbed,
And suffering Passions now - How I call him King of Kings.

15.Listen to the noise with care - Rocks are breaking with thunder,
Departed Saints’ bones join - Why this disbelief my friend.

16. All creations tremb-ling - Evil spiri-ts are shattered,
Rocks are breaking parting ways- Confess sins and embrace Life.

17. If you ask me his Glory - I will tell you many and more,
All creations witnessed him- And trembling on Lord’s Passion.

18.Pilate called him King of Kings- As prophesied in Holy Books,
As they shouted as witness - Don’t argue on who is King.

19.Cross is standing between us - You are standing in it’s pit,
You too is a child of God- Claim your place on right side friend.

20.Cross opened the gates of Hell- Sun became dark earth too shook,
Temple curtain torn in two - All creations witnessed Lord.

21. Listen to the cry of earth - And enti-re creations,
Upon hearing Lord’s utter - Wall of earth start tremb-ling.

22. Listen to noise of the dead - Who arrived from Sheol hell,
Look at life giving Jesus - Whom I found as my refuge.

23.He chose death to raise Adam - All departed looked at him,
He released Adam from Hell - And raised me to Paradise.

24. Stop abusing Son of God - Who did passions on his will,
Stop your bad mouthing right now - Blessed Cross is my re-fuge.

25. Thy promised paradise to - The thief who had confessed Thee,
Since we took refuge in Thee – Remember us when you come.

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