Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday 9th Hour - KUMPAULOS

ധന്യന്‍ തന്‍ മൃതിയാല്‍ മരണത്തെ കൊന്നു ...

Blessed By Thy death - Killed death for ever

And gave new life to – All of the dead ones.

1. Creator stood on – Golgotha hill top
Upholding whole cre – ations in his palm
For the sake of A – dam who had fallen
God has taken birth – In world as savior.
        His voice had thrilled all – Creations in world
        His Holiness had – Given life to - all – of Saints
He was crucified - in center of world
His Blessed cross gave – Peace to whole mankind.

2.Women of Jeru - salem abused their Lord
When the Son was bei - ng hanged on the Cross
Without knowing they – Recalled the prophesy
Of curse upon them - For slaying their Lord
      Sword of the killers took - Their Lord as their a slave
      Women cried and wailed–upon seeing-Lord–on-Cross
One who gave them Ever- lasting gladness
Lord asked them do not – Cry for my passion.

3. Lord who was killed be - cause of hate and rage
Let the wicked be - burned because Thy death
Brihgtness who had been - killed on cross this day
By Thy Order des - troy all betrayers.
    One who gives word and - brightness to nature
    Let them praise since Thee-Lowered Thyself – this - friday
Curse be showered on – crowd who rejected
Thy holiness by - crucify- ing Thee.

4. When creations saw – Their Lord was hung on
Cross made of a Tree - From Lord’s creations
Anger spread among - Spirituals in Heaven
Fiery one too had – Trembled with fear
      Lead Angel Gabriel – And his friend Michael
      Wanted to destroy - Gang of wicked cru – cifi – ers.
Lord said to them that - I gave on my will
Heavenly Hosts do not – Be angry for me.

5.Thief on right today – Praised the Son of God
He Praised his Lord and - Asked for forgiveness
Lord, when you come in – your Kingdom of great
Remember me and – forgive me all of my sins.
       Lord assured him that – He need not wait till
       My return for his - Rise up from all – of – his – sins.
O ! Man you who did - witness me on Cross
Will have a place with - Me in Paradise.

6.When the Sun saw his - Lord was hung on Cross
Crucified by the – Wicked on Friday
Sun effaced his rays - From above the cross
And gave his respect - To his mak - er and - his Lord.
      On the Crowd who is - Blinded with anger
      How could the Sun give – His light on this day
Therefore, Sun darkened – His rays on gangs of
Evil men who had - Crocified Lord God.

7.Lord of life and life – Embraced death on Cross
To redeem his cre - ation who lost life.
Water from His wound – witnessing his death
Blood drained from his wound – Proclaiming His Life
       Lamb of God, O Lord – Your death is Truthful
       Son of Heavenly God – You are truly ete- rnal life
Creator of life – Thou rules life and death
In earth and heaven and – All of universe.

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