Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Cross Veneration - LEK FAAYO DEN KAALES

ദേവേശാ മശിഹായെ സ്ലീബാ  തന്‍ തരുവിന്മേല്‍ നീ ..

1. My Lord and Messiah ! when you were hung on the cross
You enlightened earth and heaven
For that we do praise Thee Lord.

2. O Savior - By Thy Cross - Thy defeated evil one
Therefore, we gained heaven and life
For that we do praise Thee Lord.

3. My Lord and Messiah ! We are kneeling at Thy Cross
For saving us from idol mute
And fear of evi - l spirits.

4. Exalted - Heavenly God – By Thy Grace
Thy built Thy Altar in Church
Holy art Thou fo - r ever.

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