Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Cross Veneration - Sankeerthanam

ഗോഗുല്‍ത്തായില്‍ സോദരരെ .....

1. O ! My Broth - ers, I saw the
Won - der on Golgotha and tre - mbled
God is Hung on Tree the Cross
And abused by evil men -Ye heavenly and mortals..
Praise and exalt Him e - ver…… Kurielaison.

2. Cross is extre - mely blessed
Be-cause Lord Word has stretched his hands and hung on it
We are worhsipping Him since - He is hope and protector
U - tter He told us so
Praise and exalt Him e - ver…… Kurielaison

3. O Lord we take - Pride in Cross
And we adoreth and taking refuge in it
Wearing on our forheads for
Saving us from evil ones
And Praise and exalt the Lord
Who was hu - ng on Cross…..…… Kuriyelayisson

4. Let us all wo - rship the cross
E - ffacing idol worships and hurdles
Let us celebrate Jesus’s Cross
Which has shown us Path of life
U - tter Ye all and exalt him e – ver.
Barekmor, Subaho…Men’ Olam…

5. Blessed Lord ha - s made the Cross
We - apon and fortress for who venerates it,
It is a curse for those who
Rejecting Christ and passion
Those rejecting Him will believe when He comes again….

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