Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Cross Veneration - MOH NEEGO VOS SOSO

ആ സമയം ദയനീയം വിട്ടു മശിഹാ പുരി...

1. That time was pathe - tic
Lord God left Jerusale - m town
In return for healing their si - ck - the Wi - cked
Took Thee for cruci - fiction.

2. That sound was pathe – tic
Mary asked Lord in so - rrow
My son Dear - where Thou are - goi - ng
Where they - taking - you my be - loved son.

3. Lord’s reply was plea - sing
Begotten son told his mo - ther
I was crucified for salva - tion of who - le world
Am on my way to Adam to share him the salva - tion.

4. That time was pathe - tic
They hung him on cro - ss and
Asked him come down if you are Messi - ah – We will
Seek your help and laughed at Him.

5. That time was pathe - tic
Lord had asked for water to - drink
Wicked crowed gave him bitter wine - and gall
Oceans and all seas trembled by the Lo - rd’s utter.

6. Holy Church is grie - ving
And begging for Thy me - rcy
Thy saved us by Thy passion - on cro - ss
Reme - mber us - when Thy kingdom comes O - Lord.

7. Savior Lord do ble - ss the
Departed who look forward fro - m tomb
To Thee for Thy help from Thy - cross
Which has saved us from de - vil.

Barekmor, Shubaho… Men’ Olam……

8.We venerate Thy Hol y - Cross
Which regained us lost pa – ra - dise
We shall inherit becau - se of Thy Love
We kneel and praise Thy pa - ssion Lord.
Sthoumen kalos Kurielaison…


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