Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Cross Veneration - Kolo - Kukkoyo

ദൈവതനൂജന്‍ സ്കീപ്പായില്‍ സ്വയമര്‍പ്പിച്ചേകീ .....

1. God’s only begotten Son - Gave up life on cross
Surrendered His soul to the - Father of the world
        Rocks were broken – tombs also opened
        All creations – Trembled and fearful
Lord’s begotten Son’s side was – opened with a lance
Blood and water for freedom – Of the whole world was
Halleluyah – Drenched from Holy wound..

2. Friday Jews erected machine to - squeeze grapevine,
But, they did not get wine from - grape they crushed inside
          Instead they got – sin and curses for
         Them and their race – For killing their Lord
Thus fulfilled the Prophesy of – David great prophet
That their table will be a - snare for them again
Halleluyah.. And on their children.. Barekmor.

Shubaho… Men’ Olam… Hallaluyah..

3. Lord said to Mather Mary – And His Bride the Church
Come and have a look at what – All my Children did
           Abraham’s race – Hanged me on the cross
           Jacob’s own race – Slapped me on my cheek
Stabbed me with a lance and did - what all they did like
When I return to give reward fo - r all the world
Halleluyah – Suffering they deserve.

                       Men’ Olam …… Haleluyah…..
4. Christ descended from heaven – and was crucified
Bullock which Jews had slaughtered – Became sacrifice
         Come and enter – Gentiles, Holy Church
         Rise up all you – Zion had fallen
Christ has given you a Table – Greatest feast
Bread of Life and – Chalice from His own Holy wound
Halleluyah – We praise Thee O Lord ..

                                           Morio Rahem…

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