Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Cross Veneration - YAUMONO ARKKEAN

ഇന്നാള്‍ വിധിഗേഹെ ജഗതീവിധി നാഥന്‍...

1. This day the Great Judge – Who judges whole world
Bowed his head down and - Accepted sentence.

2. This day in front of - Jesus the Lord God
Evil Jews showered – Abuse and hatred.

3. This day Lord adorned – Crown of thorns on head
To adorn whole world – Blossoms and flowers.

4. This day the Lord who – Judges King of Kings
Was sentenced like a – convicted criminal.

5. This day crowd shouted – To their Judge Pilate
Crucify Lord God - Messiah on the cross.

6. This day the one who – Betrayed Jesus Lord
Betrayer Judas – So pity on you.

7. This day when world saw – Lord hanged on the cross
All of Creations – Started trembling.

8. This day the Sun got – Darkened in the sky
Constellation dimmed – Creations trembled.

9. This day Adam had – Regained his lost grace
Crucified Messiah - effaced Kerub’s lance.

10. This day the Lord bowed – His head upon death
And He gave life to – All departed ones.

11. This day the High Priests - And all Jew Leaders
Hanged Lord on Cross be – cause of their hatred.

12. This day the Lord said – To Mother Mary
Do not cry for me – But cry for all Jews.

Barekmor, Shubaho … Men’ Olam……

13. This day let us all – Do venerate the cross
Praise to Thee O Lord - For Passion on Cross.

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