Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Cross Venertion - HO MORAN THLAE

ഹാ സ്കീപ്പായില്‍ നാഥന്‍ സത്യം ദ്വേഷിച്ച ..

1. O ! on the Cross – Lord is being cru-cified
By those e-vil Jews Who hated the Truth.

2. High Prie - sts of Jews - With their all evil servants
Shouted to cruci - fy Lord on a wodden cross.

3. Sky, Land and Ocean - All of it got trembled when
Thy was bea - ten and cursed by evil Jews.

4. Cherubs and Heavens host – all of them shouted Holy
Wicked Jews shoute - d to Hang on a wodden cross.

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