Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Kabaradakkam.

യൌസേപ്പോടു നിക്കോദീമോസ് - തരുവീന്നും നിന്നെയിറക്കീ ....

Joseph and Necodemos – Took out Thee from Tree the Cross
While Thee was the Lord of life – Carried Thee as dead body
Sprayed Thee with perfume and scent – Covered with a velvette clothe

Laid inside a brand new Tomb – Sealed door with a stone indeed
All of the creations did - Lament on the death of Thee
Life who took death by own will – Thee was worshipped by the dead.
Blessed be Thy Passion Lord-Thee  suffered for us - sinners. 

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