Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday Morning Kauma

പീഡാ താഴ്ചകളാല്‍  നമ്മെ വീണ്ടോനാം മശിഹായെ ....

Praise we, Kneeling before Lord, This morning Christ Who
Re-deemed us by Hi-s Great Passion (Three Time) 

Praise to - Thee O Lord, To Thy -  Father Praise,
Worship, Honor, Glory to  - Holy Ghost.
Grace a-nd mercy be up–on us sinners,

Opened, be to us gates of Je-rusalem.
May o-ur pleas be heard at the Throne of Christ,
Praise to – Thee, O Lord Praise to – Thee, O Lord Ever
Praise to Thee, our h-ope .    Barekmor.

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