Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pesaha - Holy Communion-Mystery, Mystery Lord said..

രഹസ്യം, രഹസ്യം   ഉടയോനരുളീ ........

1. Mystery -  Mystery -  Lord sa - id  Mystery,
Mystery - for me -  and my household..
            Heavenly - Lord God, Glorious - Bridegroom,
            We do - proclaim Praise to Thee Lord !!

2. Pu - re, Lamb did  - Able sacrifice
Indeed was none;  but this Lord God. ..  Heavenly–Lord..

3. Melchi-zedek  -  the high prie-st of God
Sacri-fice  did,  lo! tha-t  is  Lord ! ..  Heavenly–Lord ..

4. Through tha-t lamb be-gotten- of  tree
 Isaac-was saved- lo! tha-t is  Lord.. ..  Heavenly–Lord..

5.First born children killed in Eqypt,
Was saved by the - blood of  this Lord.. ..  Heavenly–Lord ..

6.Son of  Amos saw in Temple
Glory of  this  heavenly Lord God.. .. Heavenly–Lord ..       

7.Holy- burning, coal, angel gave
 To I-siah- is This  Lord God.. ..         Heavenly–Lord ..

8.Eze-kiel-, who saw- man on  Chariot
Indeed, was none, but  this Lord God.. ..  Heavenly–Lord ..

 9.Band o-f prophets- did wha-t foretell
Of  Go-d’s coming, that is this Lord.. ..  Heavenly–Lord..

10.Lord is  the  fruit of - Eden’s  Life  Tree
Adam could not taste  in  Eden… . .. ..  Heavenly–Lord ..

 11.Heavenly – Manna-   Isra - el  ate
  On their  journey -  was Indeed this Lord.  Heavenly–Lord..

12.Food tha-t, those in - the House o-f Wisdom
  Do e-at and dri-nk,- is true this Lord.. ..  Heavenly–Lord..

13.Food and drink that Isa-iah said was -
Indeed none, but -  one true this Lord…. ..  Heavenly–Lord..

14.Food tha-t Jesus blesse-d this day
In upper room was indeed this Lord.. . ..  Heavenly–Lord..

15.Glory – ev - er to  Father and Son
Glory   to the Holy Ghost too… . ..  ..  Heavenly–Lord..

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