Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday Morning - Kolo - Friday Early Morning..

വെള്ളി ദിനത്തിന്നുദയത്തില്‍ ജഗതീ രക്ഷകനാം ...

Friday early mo-rning  Savi-or was taken
By excited wicked men for cru-cifixion.
            Creations trembled -  Earth too was shaken,
            Rocks were broken – Mountains too crumbled
Tombs got broke open and dead a-ll came alive
Cursed the E-vil doers who killed Lord and God
Hallaluya – Suffering they deserve… Barekmor
Shubaho …  Men’olam…    Halleluyah

God’s only begotten Son -  Lord of all the world
Wicked people cru-ci-fied Him o-n Golgotha
            Crown of Thorns was- Placed on Thy God Head
            Hands  were nailed down - Given - bitter wine
Side was opened by a Lance - as wa-s pro-phesied
Blood and water was drenched for - all wo - rld’s redemption.
Hallelauya – Blessed  Thy mercy  … Barekmor
Moriorahemmmeline Uadarine…..

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