Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Psalm 22

ഇന്നാള്‍ സ്രാപ്പികള്‍ കാദീശ്  കാദീശ് എന്നേവം വാഴ്ത്തുന്നോനെ ...

1. This day  Seraphims  says to Who
Holy, Holy  and praises
Caiphas men shouted to hang on the Cross ..  Kurieleison

2.This day  Cherubs shout and praise
Whose  magnificence and glory
Kill him, kill him, wicked  shouted this Friday.     Kurieleison

3.This day  Whose glory  sustains
Whole earth and  all  constellations
Where are you hailing  from – asked  Evil Haanan . Kurieleison

4.This day  crowd shouted to Pilate
For slaying  righteous Jesus
Release  Barabbas  and hang Jesus on  cross..Kurieleison

5.This day  whose  majestic power
Sustains all of creations,
He was crucified  on Golgotha  Hill top …   Kurieleison.

6.This day  on  whose  Holy hands which
Made Adam  from  mud of earth
Nails were driven through those hands on to the cross..Kurieleison.

7.This day  on Cross creator  was thirsty
And asked for water
Wicked people shouted  to crucify him ..  Kurieleison

8.This day  Scribes – Pharisees  And
All wicked priests
Out of their hate  - lied about  the Righteous Lord      
Barekmor,  Shubhaho...... Menolam.......

9.This day  sufferings  to Zion who  crucified
Her Lord and God
Blessed are you Holy Church who confessed  Thee      
Stoumen kalos .... Kurielaison  

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