Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Psalm 35

ഇന്നാള്‍ നിന്നാന്‍ - മൌലി നമിച്ചാ വിധി ഗേഹത്തില്‍ ...

1. This day judge of all judges stood bowing down at
Tribunal to re-lease us
From our debts and He suffered all perse-cution
And mockings from wicked  men ……. Kurieleison

2. Jews shouted to their Judge Pilate on this same day
Cruci-fy Thy on the cross
Traitors asked for release of thief Barabbas and
Crucify-ing Son o-f God          ……. Kurieleison

3.This day Lord was showered with spit on Thy face to
Regain  Adam  Pa-ra-dise
To absolve our servitude of sinful nature
Received Servant’s slap on  cheek........ Kurieleison

4. This day Disciples cooled down their faithfulness to
Lord and hastened to hiding
Lord of truth was left alone for persecutions
In the midst of wi-cked men  ..........Kurieleison

5. This day Jews cried out to Pilate to crucify
One who breaks all Moses  laws
Crucify the one who breaks the laws of Sabbath
And misguiding crowd at large …....  Kurieleison  

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