Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Psalm 59

വിദ്വേഷികള്‍ ചെയ്തതെന്തെന്ന്  കേള്‍ക്കുവീന്‍ എല്ലാ ജാതികളും ...

1.Ye all manki-nd listen to the, bad deeds of the wicked men
Lord of all creation is
Hanged on cross disgracefully
Come togeth-er to worshi-p him now .           Kurieleison

2.Earthly dwellers listen to this,  Wicked men too-k  murderer
Lord of all creation is Hanged on the cross in anger
Come togeth-er  to worshi-p  him now.            Kurieleison

3.Sun and Moon darkened in sky,Creations weeping, wailing
Creations deserve to share
Suffering of their  Lord and God
Come togeth-er to worshi-p him now.                Kurieleison

4. They gave Him a bitter drink, when He was feeling thirsty
He uttered while drinking it
Prophesy got fulfilled today
Come togeth-er to  worshi-p  him now.  ….  Kurieleison

5. Departed and Saints came to, Welcome him on this Friday
They uttered to all nations
Truth that He is  Lord and God
Come togeth-er to worshi-p  him now .            Kurieleison.

6. Holy spirit flew from the, Temple abused by wicked
Temple veil was torn in two,
Witnessing Lord left from it
Come  togeth-er to worshi-p  him   now. Barekmor, 

 Shubhaho...... Mena  Olam.......

7. Remember Jews, whom you hanged,
Lord and God’s begotten son
Will remove you all from world
Come togeth-er to worshi-p  him  now.    Kurieleison 

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