Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hosanna - Kolo - Kukkoyo

യേരുശലെമ്മേറുന്നോനെയേല്‍പ്പാന്‍ ബാലകരെ ....

1. Lord ascended Jerusalem – children welcome Him
Elders told them  to receive    Him ca - rrying stones
           Children  carried  - stones and went to Him
           Upon seeing  - Lord on Olive mountain
Israel left  - their stones and carri - ed olive branches
And  sung  loudly  welcome  -  King of All the Kings
Halleluyah – blessed  Thy  coming.

2. Upon reaching Jerusalem – Holy church welcomed
Him with solemn worship  and spiritual  - glory praise
           Sent their children  - holding in their hands
           Olive branches – To receive Him there
They all sang hymns of praises – At Thy Holy feet
Hosanna to David’s Son -  Giver of salvation
 Halleluyah -  Thy name is blessed,  Barekmor,      
                                         Shubhaho …  Halleluyah…  
3. Holy Church is proclaiming – He is heavenly groom
Son and Lord of David is – Ascending  on  a colt
             Procession greater –  Prophets in the front
             Behind Him are – Holy  Apostles
Infants and children shouted – Holding olive branches
Hosanna to David’s Son -  Blessed redeemer
Halleluyah -  Hosanna in heights .. Men’ Olam….. 

4. In those days of - the Lord  in town o-f Judea
Miracle happened glorious –  Lord  with disciples
             Went to celebrate – Feast in Jerusalem
             Riding on a – Humble donkey top
Infants on their mothers lap -  Cried out Hosanna
Sinai got trembled seeing – His glorious coming
Halleluyah -  Hosanna in heights .. Morio rahem….

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