Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hosanna - Mor Yaakoob - Bovoosa

ഉണ്ണികളാര്ത്തൂ  നാഥന്‍ ശുദ്ധന്‍, ശുദ്ധന്‍, ശുദ്ധന്‍ ......

1. Children cried out -  Holy  Holy, Lord is Holy,
Lord  ascending  -  Jerusalem on colt is Holy.

2. Sing and praise and - sing  praises  for God’s only Son
Chosen are you  – To praise Him on all occasions.

3.Lord is pleased with - those who are humble in their  deeds
He taught us  so – Riding on a humble donkey.

4. Humble He  was  -  That  He refused  chariots of rich
Instead  He tra - veled on donkey to see gentiles.

5.Sons of Hebrews- When they saw their King’s humbleness
Took olive branches -  and cried  out  loud Hosanna song.  

6. Elders became - distressed over His due glory
Surprisingly  -  children praised Him with Hosanna.

7. Young -  esters have  - paid the debts of elder people
Proper  glory  - and  due praise was heard around there.

8. King who came is - Lord and God  u - ttered  creations
Overwhelming -  praise and worship  heard on King’s path.

9. Praise  to  Father - who sent Son for world’s redemption
Worship to Son  - who rode  colt on street of Zion.

10. Glory be to - Holy Spirit who enabled
Children to sing -  high  praises  for glorious Son.

11. Prophets in front -  followed by Disciples, Children
Sang  praises of - Hosanna to  Son of Lord God.

12. Lord  had chosen  -  humble donkey  as His chariot
Oh !  Zachariah !  -  your prophesy got fulfilled this day !

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