Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Friday Song

ദേവേസാ  യേശുപരാ,   ജീവന്‍ എനിയ്ക്കായ്‌  വെടിഞ്ഞോ .... 

1.    Messiah, Jesus Lord;  You gave life for my sake,
You died for giving e – ternal life to us all died in sin.

2.    King of  Kings, you were judged -  in  Palace of Hannaaan
They  slapped you on your cheek – with their hands and abused you a lot.

3.    In garden Gathsamane you suffered persecutions
In spite of terrible pain – you obeyed your father and met his will.

4.    Pilate judge sentenced you and gave for crucifiction
You adorned crown of thorns – and they all persecuted you this day.

5.    They made your weak shoulders -  carry a heavy cross
You were forced to walk to – Golgotha hill without compassion.

6.    Nails were dri-ven through Thy - Holy Hands on to the cross
You died on cross today -  in between the two thieves for our sake.

7.    You  were thirsty and they - gave you bitter wine and gall
They cast lot for your dress - and stabbed your side and shed Holy blood.
8.    By your death you effaced - my long suffering in hell
Give me grace to search for -  Thy  glory the rest of my whole life.

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