Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Friday Songs -

രക്ഷിതാവിനെ   കാണ്ക  പാപീ ....

1.    Ye all sinners you see your savior
Being crucified on cross today for your sins.

2.    Cast your eyes on Golgotha hill top
Hanging on nails with legs and hands nailed to the cross.

3.    Start meditating in your soul
And see with inner eyes Lord hanging on the cross.

4.    Ye who is living immersed in sin
Is it not for your sake savior is hung  today.

5. Get rid ye today all of your sins
Don’t lie to yourself and hide your sins ever.

6.Keep your  mind  opened whole heartedly
And surrender  to the Lord and God Jesus Christ.

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