Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing - Boovosa - Mor Jacob

മശിഹാ  സ്കീപ്പാ  മൃതി ...

Chri-st who came to receive cross, Abuse and Su-fferings,
Hear o-ur pleas kindly -  Have mercy upo-n  o-ur souls.

1.Lord poured water in to basin and called Simon
To wash his feet and Simon gently pleaded Lord
O Lord am freightened – I am the dust of this earth
O heavenly one You should  not wash feet of earthly
Creator You need not respect  dust  of this earth
You  should  not be washing feet of  Your creation.

2.Lord  commanded Simon  to stop  his verbal fight
Chief of disciple,  you see  my act of  mystery
Come and take my discipleship by washing feet
You are opposed to me if  I do not wash you
This new act of humility which I will show you
As Master you should repeat to your disciples.

3.If  Lord’s  discipleship I cant get without  wash
Lord and  God,   You wash me a hundred or more times
Simon  pleaded for  washing  his  head, whole body
So that he could  remain  one of  Lord’s  disciples
Wash  me full, my  feet,  my hands, my head and  body
So that I  may unite with you   eternally.

4.Gabriel and Angels  kneels down and closing their eyes
Astounded  that Lord  is washing feet of Simon
If you have lowered  Thyself to serve Adam’s race
Why  should you show  humility to wicked people
Your love has made You  wash and wipe Iskarriotta
Who had resolved  to  deliver  You to the killers.

5.Praise to Father who sent Son on earth to bless men
Praise to Son who incarnated upon  His  will
Poured water in to basin and with humility
Washed feet of his disciples out of compassion
Praise to Thee  for washing feet of  Thy disciples
Praises  to  the Son, and Father and Holy  Ghost.

Hea-ven a-nd ea-rth are mourning on Thy passion O Lord
Ce-lestials  a-nd humans wondered at Thy hu-mi-lity.

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