Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing - Kum Poulos..

ശിഷ്യരുമായെത്തീ  മാളികയിൽ നാഥൻ ....

1.Lord came to upper room with disciples
To fulfill  all pro - phesies of prophets
Mighty one humbled and lowered Thyself
Mightiest  Lord had - Humbled  Thyself
            Lord of creations – God of the whole world
            Venerated always – On chariot of life
Willingly humbled  and set example
For His disciples and  Holy Church.

2.Servants  all came to – House chosen by Lord
Master stood in  front –  Facing  servants
Girded his loins – Bent down to wash feet
Thou washed feet of de - ceitful Yooda too
            Thy compassion made – Thyself to humble
            Praise to Thee for Thy -  Nobility, mercy
Praise to Thee for  Thy passion for humans
Priase to Thee for Thy Love  for human race.

3.Truthful, unblemished sheeps all came to Lord
Thy love made Thee to - Make  them shine like Sun
Gave them the power - To  perform marvel
Enabled them to - do  Lord’s work  on earth
            Promised them upon – Thy second coming
            They will sit on throne – For judging men
Thy love for human – Race made Thee humble
Praise to Thee for Thy -  Grace and humility.

4.Flaming fire this day - Stood facing servants
Living fire who is - Served by feiry hosts
He whom  cherubims -  Seraphims carry
Entreating  servants to wash their feet
            Bowing his head Lord – Asking  earthly dust
            Stood front of  Simon – Pleading for wash
Praise to Thee Lord God - for  Thy humblenss
Glory to Thee for  - Thy humility.

5.O Lord I am  de - jected   dust of earth
Thou should not humble -  In front of me
Thou should not lower - Thyself to wash me
How could I be le - tting  you serve me
            Father of Adam – Lord of Creations
            Am your  Apostle – Do not make me shy
My Lord I am too -  freightened and scary
Master and my Lord -  You should not be wa-shing me.

6.Lord poured water in  - Basin and ordered
Chief of disciple  - Simon to come close
I got to wash your  - Feet today  Simon
Simon got frightened  - Upon Lords call
            Praise to Thee O Lord – Who washed creation
            Praise O heavenly Lord– Who washed earthly dust
Lord had washed feet of - Human He had formed
Praise to Thee O Lord  - For  Thy humility.

7.Simon you sooner -  Leave your own wishes
Accept my will  the – Act of humility
Kefa, let me show -  Path of humbleness
Let me do my will – Washing your feet.
            You should do this to – Your  disciples too
            Get rid of your pride -  Which made angels  fall
Lord bowed his head – And  beseeched for washing
Chief of His Disci – Ple  Simon Peter.

8.Peter why you are  - Arguing with me
Listen to my words -  Than opposing me
If I don’t  wash you – You will have no part
In my work in this – World and eternal
            You will be deprived – Of your heavenly throne
            You will  not be in – Group of my dear ones
Therefore, you leave pride – And obey my will
So that I can count – You to be with me.

9.Chief of disciple -  Simon went to Lord
Lord started washing  - Feet of  Simon
O! my mind see this  - Magnificent act
Powerful  Lord God – Creator of all
            Stood in front of dust -  Bowing His head down
            Ye all wicked see – Ye all pridefull see
You ought to cry  at  -  Humility of  Lord
Mend your ways so that  - You get compassion.

10.Lord and God washed and  - Wiped all disciples
Made them wise by re - Vealing mystery
Asked them to do it  - One another  always
With  steadfast Faith, Love -  Patience,  Humility
            Sat them on  table - For the final feast
            For feasting on  the  - Flesh of Holy  Lamb
Started  new covenant  -  Sacrifice Bloodless
Saved and redeemed the – Holy Church from Sins.

11.O! my mind  tell  me - What you are watching
Can  you  see Lord’s  Aw – Some  power, glory
Who sits on fiery  -  Chariot  of Cherubs
Who sits in great bo - Som of His Father
            Is today in midst – Of his disciples
            Washed feet of one  who – Delivered him to death
Out of his great love  - And great compassion
Humbled himself to  - Redeem  Adam’s race

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