Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing - Boovoso - Mor Jacob

മശിഹാ  സ്കീപ്പാ  മൃതി ...

Chri-st who came to receive cross, Abuse and su-fferings,
Hear o-ur pleas kindly -  Have mercy upo-n  o-ur souls.

1.If  you do not obey  my  words  -upon this day
You will not become one in my chosen twelve group
If you are my disciple you should do my will
You will not gain discipleship – without be mine.

2.You will have no share in my work with out washing
You are thwarting my  own will by your  verbal fight
If you do not receive my this new  commandment
You  will not be able to teach children of Church.

3.If you do not  listen to what   I am  saying
I will choose a  disciple who  accede my will
You gain my disci - pleship by  washing your feet
You will not be mine  if I do not  wash your feet.

4.Lord  did wash feet of Simon as He had longed for
All of them came and stood before  redeemer  Lord
Lord  humbled  and bowed in front of  His disciples
Like a servant  He  washed feet of His disciples.

5.Glory to  Father  who  pre ordained disciples
Praise to the Son who raised them by His humility
Glory to the Holy Spirit  who made them wise
May we be blessed and graced by  all their  prayers.

Hea-ven a-nd ea-rth are mourning on Thy passion  O Lord
Ce-lestials a-nd humans wondered at Thy hu-mi-lity.

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