Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing - Quqoyo - Agnimayan..

അഗ്നിമയൻ  കർത്താവരയിൽ  ശോശപ്പാ ...
1.Lord  and God Flaming glory  girded sosha–ppa

Carried water in  basin – And called disciples

                        All of them came – In proper  order

                        How  wondrous – Was night Lord served them

When Lord had embraced Yooda – With wa - ter in hand

He did not burn out himself – How wondrous it is

                        Halleluiah - Vu -  Halleluiah …..


2.Lord removed His outer dress -  Girded shoshappa

And started  washing  feet and – Wiping them at once

                        When reached Simon – Simon  implored  Lord

                        O my Lord God – What You do to me

Lord answered Simon Peter – You should be silent

I wanted to venerate Thee – Lord of heaven and earth

                        Halleluiah … By my humbleness..

                         Barekmor ..         Shubaho… 


3.Lord’s only begotten  Son -  Praised and venerated

By  all  His creations both – Earthly and Heavenly

                        Came on earth  and – Upon final feast

                        Took  water and – Started washing feet

Upon seeing Lord washing – His disciples feet

Sky and ocean trembled with – All of heavenly hosts..

            Halleluiah - Vu -  Halleluiah   Men’Olam…..


4.Lord took water  in basin  -  And with lot of joy

Started washing disciples – One after another

                        Simon’s turn came – Simon told Rabbi,

                        You should not be – Washing my feet Lord

Lord responded saying that – My hea - venly kingdom

You will not attain if  I – Do not wash your feet

                        Halleluiah  - Vu -  Halleluiah …..


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