Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing Hymn - Paayum Paamaravum..

പായും പാമരവും കൂടാ .....
Boat without a sail and mast – Will wander in the ocean

Soul will not get salvation - Without  taking Baptism

                        And those who do not receive

                        Life giving  Blood and  Body ..Haa.. Haa..

Praise to Thee O Jesus Lord –  For giving world redemption…

             Barekmor.. Shubaho……. Men’ olam...


Look  at  the disciples  who  -  Came for their feet to be washed

When Lord God  touched Simon’s feet – Simon said vehemently

                        My creator Lord and God

                        You should not be washing me.. Haa… Haa..

O  Lord and my  great Savior – Praises to Thy humility..

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