Friday, March 15, 2013

Vade Delmino - Bothed Haasho

ഞങ്ങൾക്കായ്  നീ - യേറ്റൊരു  പീഢാ ..... 
Blessed  be  Thy - humility – L-o-rd !

 Thou who – Endu-red Passion  for us.


1.Those who reflect  on  His Passion

Will enter haven of salvation

      Through His passion, through sacrifice

He has trained  us by example

Good deeds of  suffering, love, mercy.


2.Truthful  bridegroom invited us

To feast with Him in His banquet

      Let us go and enter with Him

Adorning all garments of grace

Love, mercy, peace and sacrifice.


3.Let us retreat from  all our  sins

On this eve of Lords Holy feast

       Look forward to Lord’s  Pesaha

Let us share His Holy passion

And partner with Him in His pain.


4.He redeemed us and joined us

With  Him by  Holy  Baptism

      Blessed is He – made us His children

Praise  and worship to Thee who is

Praised in Heaven and earth by men.


Spare u-s  O Lord  - from  Thy  judgment,

When Thou summon  those who judged Thee.

                               ……Morio   rahem…

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