Friday, March 15, 2013

Vade Delmino - Quqoyo - Kanyakamaar..

കന്യകമാർ  പക്ഷം ചേർന്നു .....

Virgins took their lamps and came – And wai-ted for

Bridegroom and some of them were – Tir-ed and slumbered

         Five of them were – Foolish and others

         Five were wiser – When the trumpet heard

Announcing arrival of Bridegroom – Lord and God

Wiser virgins were taken – In to His chambers

         Halleluiah – For eternity.


Heavenly bridegroom inviting – Each a - nd every one

To attend His greatest feast – His hea-venly banquet

         Let us adorn – Brightness of face and

         Let us remove – Sin and all our debts

If we are seen adorned with   - Uncle-an apparel

Always be reminded that – We soo-n be declined

Halleluiah …. Lord God have mercy….

                Barekmor,  Shubaho…  Men’ Olam...


Let us be praising the Lord – Brethren,- dear ones

Hearing His divine trumpet - In hi-s chosen place

         Let us rejoice – On his resurrection

         Let us proclaim – His good news gospel

Lord who loved to come down to – Save a-nd redeem us

Lord who called His children to – Port o-f resurrection

Halleluiah …. Praise to His great love.. 

                                                        Morio Rahem…

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