Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Cross Veneration - Kolo

താതന്‍ തന്നേകാത്മജനാം  കര്‍ത്താവേ ....

1. O ! Christ Thee Lord – Fathers own only Son
Wicked crowd of Israel – Hung Thee on a cross the tree
Thy side was opened with lance – Blood and water dra - ined from it
In Golgotha on the Cross – Stream of life started flowing
By Faithfullness gentiles all - Lifted up from I - dolatry.

2. Wi - cked sons of Zion – On Golgotha Hill
Hanged God’s own begotten Son - Who indeed had healed  their sick
Slapped on his head with a rod - And spat on His Holy face.
Praise to Thee who suffered all - Beatings, abuse and passion
For redeeming Adam’s race – And restoring Paradise.

                                   Barekmor,               Shubaho……

3. O ! How great is – Belief of the Thie-f on right
When Lord was hanging on cross – With nails on his hands and feet
He beseeched for forgiveness - Of his sins and o-missions.
Peter saw and refused Lord – John went far away and looked
While the thief uttered to Lord - Remember me when you  come.
                                                               Men’ Olam ……
4. Ble-ssed be the – Tree from which the  ri - ghteous comes
Thus preached to the creations - Solomon the wise old King
Son of God stretched out Himself – On a cross made from - a tree.
Praise be to His mercy to – Fufill all what was written
And praise to the Holy Lord – Who redeemed Church by His wounds.
                                                      Morio rahem …….

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