Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good Friday - Psalm 54

കഷ്ടതയാല്‍ മരണനുകത്തെയഴിവാക്കി തനുവിന്‍ ത്യാഗത്താല്‍ ...

1.By sufferi-ngs  and passion redeemed  us from
Ou-r  yoke  of  death,
Blessed Jesus who has  shied  down evil spiri-ts
By your passion, Bless us with Thy true brighter light..   Kurieleison

2.Thy suffe-red – For Thy holy Church
To Redeem  us  fro-m sins O Lord,
Keep away all strife and divisions from Holy  Chu - rch
Bestow Thy  peace to  it’s  children – till end of times  Kurieleison

3.Savior stoo-d like a thi-ef at Tribunal
Fo-r us today
Received death and passion to grant  life eternal -
Creations  - grieved, wailed and saddened   at that time.   Kurieleison

4.Jews cruci- fied savior  - one day
On Golgo-tha hill top
Earth got crumbled -  darkness fell - and dead all  rose  up
Creations  - saddened,  mourned and wailed at that time….. Kurieleison  

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