Friday, March 15, 2013

Vade Delmino - Eniyono - Deepaeshtikal...

ദീപേഷ്ടികളേന്തുന്നോർക്കായ് ....
1.For all who  hold  lighted lamps - Bridal chamber is prepared

When Bridegroom  arrives at end - They will enter i-t with Him.


2.Bridegroom is about to come - Great day of resurrection

Let us go and welcome  Him - With new lamps of righ - teousness.


3.Bridal chamber is precious - With incense of  holiness

Rejoice all of you have been - Invited to go - with Him.


4.Do not let your lamps be shut - Like those unwise five virgins

When bridegroom finally comes - They will not ent - er with Him.


5.Lord and God   illuminate - Our lamps, so we shall be

Rejoicing  bridal chambers - With your chosen disciples.

                                   Barekmor,  Shubaho.. Men’Olam…


6.Lord  absolve by  Thy  mercy - All our sins and debt burdens

So that we may rejoice like - Five virgins with lighted lamps.

                                 Sthoumen Kalos... Kurielaison

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