Friday, March 15, 2013

Feet Washing - Bothed Haasho

ഞങ്ങൾക്കായ്  നീ - യേറ്റൊരു  പീഢാ ... 

Blessed  be Thy - Humility – L-o-rd !
Thou who – Endu-red Passion  for us.
1.Upon this day Lord’s  Begotten
Son  Girded  Shoshappa on  waist
               Washed feet of his -  disciples and
Wiped it and gave them purity
Sat  them on table of His  feast.
2.Lord ordered to Simon Peter
If I do not wash you  this day
             You will have no -  part in my work
Unlike all  my  other disciples
You will lose  eternal throne too.
3.We  should praise and glorify the
Son who fulfilled all prophesies
               By washing feet  -  of disciples
Give praise to the  unseen  Father
And praises to His Holy Ghost.
Spare u-s  O Lord  - from  Thy  judgment,
When Thou summons  those who judged Thee.

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